Volunteering is giving me access to new people, new words and new places - Noora's story


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Student Volunteers Week 2018

This Student Volunteering Week, we are featuring a blog from Noora, 17 who is an ESOL student and Volunteer Wellbeing Champion on Salford Together's Tech and Tea project.

I came to Salford 5 months ago from Iraq, I had to leave my country before I could complete my education and so I am hoping to complete my qualifications here before going to University. I am currently doing an ESOL course four days a week and have recently started volunteering on a project called Tech and Tea. My volunteer role involves helping older people to use technology.

I am volunteering because I love to help people and talking to the people doing Tech and Tea is also helping me to develop my language skills, I have already learned new words.

I think there are lots of benefits from volunteering, for me, it is helping me practice my language skills and be the best I can be, this will help me when applying for College and University and to say I volunteer will help my application to stand out. Volunteering is giving me access to new people, new words and new places and it is good to mix with older people and learn from their experience. I don’t like to think of people being lonely, this project helps older people and prevents them feeling alone and I am pleased to help a cause that is creating a better society.

It is important to know about technology and for older people to learn. One of the course members can’t speak to her daughter very often as she lives abroad, she is now learning skype and this will help her to speak to her daughter more often. My sister lives abroad and I can’t imagine not being able to talk to her and see her, using technology in this way helps us stay connected and I’m sure it will be the same for the people on this course.

Interested in becoming a Volunteer Wellbeing Champion?

Volunteer Wellbeing Champions help:

  • To improve older people's wellbeing
  • Tackle loneliness and social isolation

Contact Jessica or Michael on 0161 787 7795 or email together@salfordcvs.co.uk



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