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There are 1364 community and voluntary organisations, cooperatives, social enterprises and faith groups in Salford and the majority of these organisations are run by a board of trustees/directors who are volunteers.

Nationally it’s estimated that almost half of charities have at least one vacancy on their board and in Salford this equates to 682 vacancies.

Salford CVS is consistently exploring new and innovative ways to engage and recruit a diverse range of new trustees.

During Trustee Week 2014, on 11th November 2014, the first of our series ‘Trustee in Training’ was launched at the University of Salford, targeting students.

The event was very well received, with three presentations following on in quick succession. Esme Caulfeild, University of Salford, presented on the benefit of volunteering; Paul Wainwright, GLP Solicitors, gave an account of becoming a trustee and Alison Jones, Salford CVS gave an overview of trustee support.

At the event 12 students signed up to become involved as trustees. Eight community and voluntary sector groups** joined the event in our market place and in total 28 people attended the event.

trustee in training

A follow-up training session took place at the University of Salford in January for students wishing to become trustees. To date 11 students have been placed with charities across Salford.

The event was developed, planned and supported by University of Salford, Volunteer Coordinator, Julia Spence working collaboratively with Alison Jones, Salford CVS.

The learning from this session was taken and utilised in a further session targeting; the Business Group, Salford City Collage, The University of Salford staff and large employers across Salford.

Our second event was held on the 25th March at City West Housing at 6.30pm – 8.30pm. The event was attended by 26 people and 8 community and voluntary groups.

Our team of speakers included Tim Doyle, Chief Executive, City West Group. Under Tim’s leadership City West has been on a transformational journey resulting in their climb of 70 places, to 16th, in the “Sunday Times Top 100 best not-for-profit companies to work for”.

Tim spoke of his own experience of being a trustee and gave us a very comprehensive view of the value of volunteering;

  • Around 15 million people in the UK volunteer ‘frequently’
  • They give between 1.7 and 2.1 billion hours per year
  • …. and produce £24 billion per year in economic output, equivalent to 1.5% of GDP
  • In Salford, an estimated 37,300 volunteers contribute an estimated 137,000 hours of their own time each week valued at £122.7 million worth of Gross Value Added to the economy

Tim’s presentation ended with a number of choice quotations one of which resonated with all.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” - Winston Churchill

Trustee in training

Mike Blackburn, BT North West Regional Director, with his current role in strategy for BT Global Government and Health, Chair of the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership and Trustee of NYAS and the Lowry Theatre, Salford, spoke with passion and clarity, engaging all present.

Through a series of life stories and experiences Mike took a few moments to share key elements of being a trustee;

  • Ensure you have some real synergy with the organisation you will commit to.
  • Your engagement as a trustee should support your personal development and the development of the organisation.
  • Inform your employers of your volunteering; allow the skills used in volunteering to be utilised and further developed at work. A skillful manager will welcome the self-development taking place and assist.
  • Take 10% of your in work time to think about self-development each day.

The final presentation was given by Alison Jones, Salford CVS, informing all about the bimonthly Trustee Roles and Responsibilities Training, Good Governance training, matching and brokerage services and information sharing provided by Salford CVS to trustees. The evening was then opened for networking.

Recruiting new trustees is – or should be – a significant undertaking. But the long-term rewards of a stronger board will make it a very worthwhile investment.

trustee in training

Thanks to University of Salford and City West Housing Trust for sponsoring the events.

If you are looking to recruit new trustees/board members feel free to send your advert on to Salford CSV. We can do a number of things on your behalf.

  • Advertise your recruitment request through our extensive database and partner specific websites and intranet; Salford Collage, University of Salford, Salford City Council, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, the Business Group to name a few.
  • Provide resources to support your recruitment process
  • Develop a brokerage opportunity via our recruitment events or specific to your organisation

For further assistance with any of the above contact or
Tel: 0161 787 7795

Groups attending in November 2014**1. Inspiring Communities Together2. EUROPIA3. Emmaus Salford4. The Broughton Trust5. Grumpy6. Salford Credit Union7. AGE UK8. Visit from the Stalk CIC

Groups attending in March 2015***1. Barton Athletic Club2. EUROPIA3. MS Society Salford4. Health Watch Salford5. Incredible education6. Langworthy Cornerstone7. Salford Young Carers8. Chapel Street Community Arts

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